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As soon as you decided on the wedding day, your venues the next big decision is find the right talent to DJ your reception. Since our parent company (Vital Image Photography) has done so many weddings we have worked with a majority of the major talents in the area. We know what works and what doesn’t. That is why we are happy to assist you in choosing the right DJ for your once in a lifetime event.

Not all DJs are created equal. How many times have you changed the station on the radio because the DJ was just plain boring? Worse yet how many times have you been at a wedding and the guests were busy at the bar and not out on the dance floor? We have collaborated with a select group of DJ’s that specialize only in wedding day celebrations.

Our group of talent uses the highest quality sound equipment, lighting and music choices. The lighting is the key for wedding photographers. We lights that are designed with the photographer in mind.  These lights allow your photographer to use the light in the room vs. the typical wedding DJ that makes your photographer rely on flash photography.

Using the light in the room will make your photos have the same look at feel of your reception. Using a flash can make things look staged and flat in your photos.

To sum it up we not only “Get The Party Started” but keep it going all night long!

Meet Some Of Our Award Winning DJ’s








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