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Its what our couples say that really matter.

Mark and Katie

Vital Image has a great team! They had everything we needed from Photography, Videography, a Photo Booth, and they even have a DJ service. Everyone was great and really helped make it a wonderful day for us. I never thought some of my parent’s friend would let the hair down at the reception like they did, but the evidence is there in the photo strips. Plus, the DJ was awesome as he had a great play list which kept the dance floor hopping.

Julie and Kevin

Our DJ kept the dance floor full all night and even had our grandparents up dancing like they were teenagers again.

The online music system is incredible and made choosing our music so easy. Our DJ also made suggestions that really made the night.

The lighting was incredible and when I walked into the reception I could not believe how beautiful it looked.

I would highly recommend Vital Image to any couple for their wedding day.

Megan and Scott

I just got married and have to say going with Rich at Vital Image was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding day. We used Vital Image for our Photography, DJ, Videography and party bus. When I first emailed Vital Image Rich got back to me within 5 minutes! I could not believe it. Then when we talked on the phone to setup a time to meet he shared with me several ideas for our venue and ceremony. I got so excited I looked over at my husband and said I think we found our photographers.

During our meeting Rich shared with us a little about his company but wanted to focus on what we wanted (very refreshing as others we have met only wanted to talk about their styles and what they do). Its easy to say at the end of the meeting I was ready to book but Rich insisted that we take a couple of days to think about it. Once we walked out Mark looked at me and said “I really like these guys and I think we should use them”. Well that was it we turned around walked back in and said we have thought about it long enough we want you!

They really helped with the flow of our wedding day. To say our day was without problems (who has a perfect wedding day) would be a lie but because of Rich and his team we were able to stay on time and did not miss anything. Through out the day everyone kept asking where did you get your photographers? They kept everyone laughing and having fun.

During the reception the DJ did a great job and was constantly working with the photographers to make sure everything was captured just the way I wanted it.

I would highly recommend Vital Image to any couple. They truly care about your wedding and what you want. Thank you Rich and the entire team at Vital Image you made my wedding just the way I dreamed.

Greg and Katie

“Vital Image kept our wedding going non stop until Midnight!  The dance floor was packed and they made the night fun”

Jenny and TJ

Wow! Bill with Vital Image Entertainment was amazing! My wedding was in a very rural part of Wisconsin where people are as I would say are a little less active with dancing to say the least. Bill along with Rich made sure that everyone had there chance on the dance floor! The song selection was wonderful in addition to it being delivered on high quality Bose equipment. It could not have been better! I still get complements about how great our DJ was. I attended a wedding at the same location two weeks after and their DJ could not even compare. (and they paid much more than we did) Thanks to Bill and to all the staff at Vital Image for making our wedding more than we ever could have thought possible! You Rock! If you decide to go with Vital Image Entertainment you will not be disappointed. I was even emailing Bill the night before the wedding songs and he responded back to me very quickly!

Sarah and Cameron

We are glad we found the Vital Image team and had them handle our wedding. They are very professional, responsive, and best of all they made everything fun. Initially, we were looking for only a photographer but we ended up finding our Photographers, Videographers, DJ, and Party Bus plus we a wicked good deal on a photo booth.

Our Vital Image DJ was excellent! He knew how to party and keep a party lively. We gave him an outline of what we wanted and he did an excellent job with song selections and requests from our guests. This was too easy but everything worked out very nicely.

Jessica and Rick

I contacted Vital image about a photo booth and found my photographer, videographer, DJ and of course the photo booth. I love one stop shopping!!!

The DJ (Bill) made sure all eyes were on us for the first dance and then kept the guests on the dance floor for most of the night. I appreciated that the music wasn’t so loud that people didn’t need to “escape” to the outdoor deck to talk to friends. Nothing is worse than leaving with a headache because the music is too loud.

Yessina and Brad

“Dave did a great job at our wedding.  The professionalism of this group was amazing.  They did a great job and our guests were talking still talking about them when we got back from our honeymoon”

Kelly and Nick

Our DJ was awesome! He had personality, and a great mix of songs, plus he took requests, and really kept the night shaking.

Sami and Dan

Our DJ was equally good. He really got our guests involved and out on the dance floor. This was awesome considering I’ve been to some weddings where the dance floor was almost a wasted space. We had a great time!

Amy and Austin

Their DJ really knew how to get people on the dance floor. We got so many wonderful photos of our guest enjoying themselves on the dance floor. Those are just great photos to have for reliving the memories. Bill did a great job.

Jackie and Mark

“I am so happy we choose Vital Image as they really made our day.  They really know how to make the party happen.  I could not believe how they kept the dance floor going all night”

Kristi and John

Bill was our DJ for the night and was truly awesome! He was great at reading the crowd and managed to always keep guests on the dance floor. Many guests remarked how they thought it was fun that he was also dancing behind his table– you could tell that Bill really enjoyed his job and his ability to remain up-beat resonated with guests throughout the night. Our sound equipment was top of the line, we had a Bose tower speaker. Guests actually came up to us at the reception and said ours was the best wedding they’ve been to just because they could actually hear each other have conversations without screaming over the music or getting headaches from it being too loud. All in all, Bill was awesome.

Sarah and TJ

“Amazing!!!!  We are so happy we had Tim as our DJ.  He had every song we could think of and he knows how to work the room.  Our guests did not want to leave at the end of the night because they were having so much fun”

Nicole and Dave

We had Trish for our photographer and David for our videographer. They did a wonderful job capturing the moments of the day for us. We are very excited and happy with their work. At the reception, we used the Vital Image DJ and Photo booth. Both were just fantastic. The DJ kept the music going which made people want to dance. The photobooth was just a hit all on its own with its large size and their great supply of props. We made a great choice with Vital Image..

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